Upcoming Release: The Fall 2015 Update

As we strive to improve our customer experience, iCIMS is evaluating new ways to roll out more frequent, easier-to-adopt updates. This begins with the Fall 2015 Update, slated for November, which provides new self-administration and automation tools that allow our customers to hire best-fit talent faster and report on recruitment success more efficiently. Designed with flexibility in mind, the features require little to no preparation on behalf of the customer.

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Looking for information on our 15.1 release? Click here for our 15.1 release resources.

The Fall 2015 Update includes:

Scheduled Reports Improvements to iCIMS' reporting functionality allow User Admins to schedule reoccurring communications at specific times to a list of recipients, which can be easily exported for sharing or editing.

Dynamic Approval Lists User Admins can now create, store and maintain lists of requisition and offer letter approvers based on hierarchies and other relationships within their organization.

Streamlined Password Reset Applicants who want to update their passwords can use iCIMS' improved self-service functionality, which removes obstacles and reduces candidates' need for support.