Upcoming: The 16.1 Update

The 16.1 Update provides critical enhancements that will allow users to work faster and more efficiently. Key enhancements include expanded user license management, additional employment application progress information, an improved job posting experience and system architecture upgrades. Additionally, as our customers continue to grow and scale, iCIMS is constantly investing in incremental performance and scalability improvements and introducing technology to support future enhancements.

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The 16.1 Update includes:

Expanded User License Management User Administrators will have the ability to manage existing user licenses, and will be able to search for and assign users, edit permissions and remove a users' access to the system. All of this can be done from an improved User License page!

Application Progress Indicator Enhancement In the 16.1 Update, recruiters will now be able to access a report that lets them see how long candidates take to complete specific application steps, providing insight into how each iCIMS customer can reduce candidate drop-off during the application process.

Better-Organized Job Posting Insight When a job is posted, it is published to mobile-optimized career portals and also sent to free, highly trafficked job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and LinkedIn through an automatic feed. The 16.1 Update improves the interface for this function, better organizing relevant information to provide better visibility into this valuable automatic job feed.

Featured Update

Launching March 10th - iCIMS Social Distribution Update!
iCIMS Social Distribution is getting a new look! The tool, which allows organizations to advertise, promote and source through social media networks, offers the same great features but now with a smoother experience for users. The new look and feel of iCIMS Social Distribution is more modern, intuitive and cohesive with the iCIMS Talent Platform, providing the ideal setting for companies to scale their social job distribution efforts.