Upcoming Release: 15.1

The 15.1 release, slated for roll-out later this summer, provides enhancements to your iCIMS Talent Platform, including new capabilities that help reduce candidate drop off and upgrades to maximize platform usability. The release includes:

An enhanced candidate experience, including a progress bar for an easier and more efficient application process.

Enhanced employee referrals that allow for easier submittals and allow recruiters to target employee networks directly from job profile.View Employee Referral Before & After Guide

Application progress indicators provide users a way to easily see which candidates have incomplete applications and specifically what steps were not completed.View Application Progress Indicators Before & After Guide

Improved calendar display allows customers to manage appointments more easily than ever. Calendar integration has also been expanded to include Microsoft Exchange 2010 & 2013, Office 365 and Google Calendar. View Calendaring & Appointments Before & After Guide

Simplified profile action buttons, which were redesigned and re-positioned to make the system more intuitive. View Simplified Profile Actions Before & After Guide

Mobile-friendly hiring manager approvals allow candidates and offers to be approved or declined directly within the approval email.View Mobile Approvals Before & After Guide

Applicant pool visualization lets users quickly group, filter and visualize candidates when working on a specific job based on key characteristics.View Application Pool Visualization Before & After Guide

Improved integration framework provides a stronger back-end framework, robust error handling, reporting and visualization of integration success and failures.View Improved Integrations Framework Before & After Guide

More information on the 15.1 release.

Check out the video below for a deeper dive on these features.