The 14.2 Release

The 14.2 release provides critical functionality that redefines talent acquisition software for today’s modern recruiter. Introducing Suite Architecture: talent acquisition software designed to maximize usability for attracting and screening talent.

Featured Update

We are pleased to announce that the Menu Bar has been reorganized with more intuitive options for users: Create, Search, Report, Communicate, Library, Other, and Admin. With the new Menu Bar, the other menu will now hold all customized menu and sub-menu items.

In order to continue our commitment to customer experience we are encouraging all user admins to upgrade to the new menu bar prior to the 14.2 upgrade.  The 14.2 upgrade (tentatively scheduled for January 2015) will automatically upgrade your system’s menu bar to the new version.

To update your system’s menu bar follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the System Configuration area of the Admin menu: Admin > System Configuration
  2. Chose the “Platform Navigation” option under “System” in the tree structure to the left.
  3. Change the “Menu List” selection to “New Menu List”.
  4. Hit Save.


We strongly suggest that you begin to use the new Menu Bar and contact the Helpdesk with any issues before the automatic Menu Bar upgrade after the 14.2 release.

Release Features

Suite Architecture

iCIMS has updated the design of its hiring technologies to be more modern and efficient. The 14.2 release is more logically designed to maximize our customers’ ability to attract and screen best-fit talent.

Streamlined Recruiting Workflow

The new design features intuitive page layouts, an updated color scheme, and easy- to - can text. The improved user interface elegantly delivers all of a candidate’s per-job information you need such as resume, screening questions, emails, and job description on one screen.

Calendar Integration

iCIMS now offers complete integration with major calendar and email providers, allowing users to leverage one platform to manage all calendaring and scheduling needs.

14.2 Beta Testing is underway!

Check out our 14.1 Beta Results

58 customers actively participated in our 14.1 Beta Testing, helping us identify and resolve issues, fine-tune performance, and improve functionality of our new features. Thank you to those who partipcated!

Quick Facts:

Number of customers participating in Beta: 58

Length of Beta Testing: 3 weeks

3.89 out of 5 Customer Satisfaction Rating on overall release communications and preparation!

86% of Beta customers plan on participating in Beta again!

Release Feedback

“It's wonderful that iCIMS has such a strong commitment to continuous improvement. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Beta program and take an active role in the improvement process."

“The responsive technology make our career pages look great on mobile devices!”

“This is a great way to get to know the product. Keep up the good work.”

“We love betas!”